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Ukrainian GLOW ART embroidery in Dubai. Modern embroidery master plans to send her artworks in space

Ukrainian GLOW ART embroidery in Dubai. Modern embroidery master plans to send her artworks in space

Tetiana Protcheva is an Ambassador of Peace, artist, designer, author of GLOW ART. Her smart embroidery has changed the concept of traditional craftsmanship: embroidered artworks dance, sing and glow in the dark, creating a unique emotional effect.

Ms. Tatiana, as a renowned founder of new trends in the art of embroidery, you travel a lot, but participation in the international exhibition EXRO is a major milestone for each participant. Tell us about your way in this direction.

In a way, the art direction of GLOW ART takes origin from an international exhibition in Japan. In 2005, a visitor, a Japanese craftswoman, approached me at the EXRO and presented me with strings that glow in the dark. My first work embroidered with those strings was «Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns». It was documented in the “Book of Records of Ukraine” in the category “Art for the first time”.

That is, this year is not the first time you take part in the EXRO exhibition?

I represented Ukraine at the International Exhibition in Japan in 2005, in 2010 in China (Shanghai) and now in the United Arab Emirates – in Dubai. I plan to participate in the next exhibition, which will take place 2025 in Osaka, Japan. We have some projects that we find interesting within the context of the representation of Ukraine. For example, I have a collection of portraits depicting personalities of different cultures and eras, embroidered the size of a human face. They glow in the dark, giving the impression that they stand among us: Steve Jobs, Andy Warhol, Einstein, Nobel and other famous people who have contributed to the development of human history. The works have a size of 40×50 cm, they are made for chamber rooms. In Japan, I plan to introduce large canvases, embroidered on authentic handmade linen fabrics. I am interested in combining modernity and national traditions. We already have the first sketches of the plan implementation. Now I am looking for those who will be able to provide financial support to the GLOW ART project.

Tell us about your patented embroidery directions.

I have discovered three new directions in the art of embroidery. GLOW ART is embroidery that glows in the dark. Digital Needlework – is a technique that allows generating links to web resources through QR-codes. Palimpsest is a method that combines ancient products with modern elements. When you enter the GLOW ART gallery, you will see a collection of authentic towels and shirts, and when the light turns off, thanks to special strings that glow in the dark, the embroidered images will change. The energy of light, presented here, creates an additional emotional effect.

At the 2005 ECHO in Japan, I first saw an image of a QR code, and come up with the idea of ​​creating a Digital Needlework direction. I have higher technical education and it helps me to be creative. I like to encode various information into QR codes. I even hold workshops in several countries,  where we create QR-codes, dedicated to certain topics. For example, QR codes GLOW ART Relax: integrates the sound of sea waves into the embroidery, as well as birdsongs and other sounds of nature. Patron Borys Hryniov helped me to patent the method of creating the schemes of QR code embroidery. He is a collector of contemporary art, thus he considered this innovation as an art.

What are your impressions of the exhibition in Dubai?

“Innovation” is the main topic of the Expo in Dubai. I was dreaming about introducing and promoting my GLOW ART during this particular exhibition. Thus I wanted to improve the image of our country! I am grateful to the staff of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine for their support. This is a tradition. This is the third time I have represented Ukraine at such exhibitions of images, which are held every 5 years in different countries.

I like to create interactive projects when visitors do not simply admire the artworks but take a part in the creation process directly. I have a map of Ukraine with fragments of various ornaments, where everyone can make a few stitches themselves. The project started in 2009 and is still ongoing, as there are still vacant places on the canvas (size 140×90 cm). During this year’s EXPO, the map of Ukraine was embroidered by members of our delegation – mayors of different cities of Ukraine, as well as sheikhs of the Emirates. The map is interesting because each time embroidered QR-code is scanned, the anthem of Ukraine starts playing, and this is also documented in the “National Register of Records”.

You have mentioned that EXRO is a good platform for promoting new innovative ideas in art. Please explain to us.

Everyone likes innovations because it is a revolution of consciousness in some way! In addition, the Ukrainian embroidery GLOW ART is of great interest to the media. They often invite me to live broadcasts. I feel deep respect for myself as an artist when I get the opportunity to present my artwork to a wider audience on international television.

I was also invited to negotiations and important meetings on cooperation. I came up with the idea to create joint projects with well-known world companies. For example, I am preparing a presentation by prior arrangement on making greeting cards with a hand-embroidered QR code with the scent of perfumes that permeate the fabric for embroidery for VIP clients of MAISON des FLEURS. The concept of thematic interior design in the style of GLOW ART is also being developed. There are many competing construction companies in the UAE. I will not reveal the details, but I have an idea to provide them with a piece of art that will shine in the dark and have a philosophical basis and context. I hope that the Sheikh or his wife will also learn about my activities and offer me an interesting development program. Embroidery has always been a luxury!

GLOW ART has a wide range of directions, so the companies of the United Arab Emirates are interested in my fresh ideas. At the conference, the Korean company Samsung presented a new model of mobile phone, that can scan a hand-embroidered QR code on an old Ukrainian towel! The invited guests immediately learned more about Ukraine.

What are your plans for spreading your art?
I am glad that I’ve found a representative for the GLOW ART in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, I have traveled almost all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Sweden, Spain and other countries), the lessons I give, facilitate the dissemination of information. I often hold meetings abroad where I talk about new art and conduct master classes for children. Meetings with the diaspora also took place during the EXPO in Dubai, and I held master classes as the Ambassador of Peace, during which we created a dove as the symbol of peace!

Speaking about ambitious plans, I have an idea to send Ukrainian embroidery into space. In 2014, Ukrainian Pavlo Tanasyuk had founded a private company Spasebit, which develops space robotics technologies. I sent him a letter with a proposal to send a QR code depicted on a titanium plate to the Moon, which will encode information about Ukraine. Turkish jewelers have already executed my order and made a sample of a small metal plate with laser application of a QR code, that can be scanned by a mobile phone.

I admire your determination and confidence!

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the implementation of all your plans!

Material prepared by Kateryna Samoilyk

Photo provided by Tatiana Protcheva