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Tamas Gyorgy: “Business relationship between Ukraine and Hungary have future”

Tamas Gyorgy: “Business relationship between Ukraine and Hungary have future”

Tamas Gyorgy, Hungarian businessman. 

Mr. Tаmas will you share the secret of the leading successfull business in Hungary and how did you come up with an idea to start business in food sphere?

Many things in life, as well as a successful business in Hungary consists of many components, but they are the simmilar everywhere in the world. If I would have to choose some of them, it would certainly be loyalty, perseverance and long-term thinking. Especially in the client service sector it’s true, because if a person does not manage his business on these principles, he can hardly reach the desired heights.

– Starting from my youth I was interested in a lot of things, human’s welfare was one of them. As a student, I had constant contact with school meals, camps, sports activities, training camps and even public catering – of course, at that time as a consumer. Over the years, I have had a lot of experience in this segment, both good and less good. In what I was sure is that it can be done much better, by higher standards. Plans of that time have already been made and becouse of it, business has become successful. Development has continued since then.

You travel a lot and have the opportunity to see the world, does it affects your business at all and how can you mange to control everything?

I would like to believe that it has a big influence in the positive direction. Hungarian folk tales have a constantly returning motif to see the world as an indispensable asset for gaining experience and further development. Wherever I go, incentives are everywhere, whether it’s other type of thinking, the method of solution, the tradition or just an innovative procedure. From each you can and should learn. When you return home, things that you have heard and seen, try to build into your home and practice.

The theory has came to conclusion a long time ago that a large and successful company should be conducted only by one person. The model of a well-structured, profitable company in all aspects can be supplemented only by an accurate definition of the duties and the competences of specialist managers. By the constant contact with them, wherever I am in the world, I can keep my fingers, always on the arteries of the group of companies “Hungest”.

Recently, you have visited Ukraine and the football championship, what are your impressions of our country and the action itself?

Ukraine is a huge and beautiful country with kind people. Wherever I went, during my visit, I had only a good impression. Football, for me, is big love, therefore, I keep very warm memories of my trip.

In your opinion how real is cooperation nowadays in the export-import operations between Ukraine and Hungary and for what should the businessmen pay attention which want to cooperate with Hungary?

Without going into deep economic analysis, we can say that the global tendency, which is also true for Hungary, is a strong rise in expectations for services and products. Those who possess the necessary experience are in higher demand both in terms of exports and imports.

Our Magazine is for woman in business, which advices can you give for Women to Become Successful іn Business and have big income?

I have already mentioned some of the functions necessary for success in business. In addition, it is important not to put instantly wealth as a goal! You can build a stable business, only with patience and humility. From the very beginning it is important to focus on consumers, customers and partners, from any business area, because the above-mentioned feel as if in a small sense, this is their company as well. In this way, a long-term, prosperous, client-oriented business model is guaranteed.

If today You were asked to become a business partner in Ukraine, how would you react and in which business area would you be interested?

As a business person, you should always be open to any business opportunities. At this moment, there is no plans for expansion of my group of companies. If in the future there will be any proposal regarding this, I will listen to them for sure.