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InvestHub Fund – this is a great chance to start investing supremely!

InvestHub Fund – this is a great chance to start investing supremely!

Evgeniya Zadorozhnaya – she is a financier, an investor, a public figure, a co-founder of InvestHub, an author for the “Healthy Business” project (top 50 best businessmen in the world and political personalities), and a vice president of JCI Ukraine 2020.

Today we will talk about investments, healthy thinking, and making the right decisions during a crisis.

In December, our international organization JCI Ukraine held the first all-Ukrainian forum at the National Academy of Sciences, where the entire national board from Ukraine spoke as well as political figures, businessmen, and investors from all over the country were invited. They discussed the role of Ukraine in the world arena and how we can cooperate with our government to attract investors to our country. There we also met the president of the InvestHub investment club, – Oles Varenik, and all further events were carried out in partnership with the club.

During the crisis, the InvestHub team decided to restructure the activities of the club and created its own InvestHub Fund, in which I became a shareholder. The InvestHub itself has been very successful as an investment club up to this date.

InvestHub is a territory of trust for successful entrepreneurs and investors, which will allow each club member to reach a new level of development in the process of increasing capital and expanding the pool of available investment instruments. We bring together successful people to expand the opportunity for making a profit through joint investment with classic and new investment instruments.

The mission of our club is the popularization and promotion of financial literacy, the formation of a culture of investment in Ukraine.

Today we give a novel opportunity to join our successful team by purchasing a share in InvestHub Fund – a portfolio that contains more than 12 investment instruments, and the total return of which is more than 48% per year. This is not a fairy tale and not a fantasy – this is a great chance to start investing supremely!

When you create a product, it is important to understand all the risks and responsibilities in this matter, and here our team has also succeeded since the portfolio is managed by several InvestHub experts in different directions: the stock market, the real estate market, the cryptocurrency market, various businesses, the profitability of which is at least 25% per year.

For a more complete understanding, if you are a business owner or just starting your own company, or wanting to start investing – you are welcome to us! Only through joint investment, and risk diversification, you will be able to build a real empire that will bring you excellent results. You will have access to information, investment instruments with minimization of all risks and experience of participants, you will also have the opportunity to participate in joint investment and portfolio distribution with members and shareholders/owners of the club, as well as the opportunity to Investment pools with small amounts of investment in startups of Silicon Valley.

In addition, grants, access to the international arena, the availability of the best investment proposals – you will find all this in InvestHub.

The world has never been so open to new opportunities as it is now, especially in times of crisis. Our team works as efficiently as possible to expand InvestHub not only in Ukraine but also abroad. For us, nothing is impossible to improve the economic well-being of people who are in a hurry to gain knowledge in the field of finance and competent administration of assets with subsequent capitalization.

I would also like to note that we are among the most qualified people in the country and each one is an expert in his own field. I am so honored to introduce our participants in the Healthy Business project, who are pleased to serve us in our business to meet with the guests of the club for communication and exchange of experience: Dmitry Strizhov (founder of the Sheriff security holding), Vladislav Krykliy (Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine), Mark Ginzburg (Ukrainian-American businessman, developer, the ideologist of blockchain technology, the leader in the development of artificial intelligence), Oleg Gramotenko (Founder of Tesla Energo), Usama Kafa (founder of the international restaurant holding “L`KAFA GROUP”), Dr. Jorn Slot Jorgensen (founder of EuroEyes, Germany), Eduard Kalivoshko (partner of Sotheby’s Ukraine) and many other influential personalities. Our responsibility is to share relevant information and convey experience gained over the years.

Join the best investor community of Ukraine – InvestHub and remember, that investing in yourself is the safest investment that will never fail you!

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