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Crisis is driving force that helps companies to reborn

Crisis is driving force that helps companies to reborn

How did the Ukrainian IT company survive and continues to operate during the war? Anastasiia Liashko, CEO of Trionika and CF Dopomogator, member of Business Woman Club told us about this and much more.

This year, almost every Ukrainian entrepreneur went through stages from “that’s it, tomorrow we will close” to “we did it, we held on, business as usual”. The team of the Trionika IT company was also nervous, because no one knew what would be waiting for them tomorrow, Ukrainian business was “like a powder keg”. Therefore, the company’s top management has developed 4 scenarios and action plans for each of them. However, no one was prepared for such a large-scale crisis, which combined 4 scenarios into one.

“Fortunately, I was very lucky to have a professional team that was not afraid of anything and was eager to help the company and its colleagues. Our finance department has developed backup payment methods in advance, the development team has improved autopilot, and the HR department has prepared everything for the rapid launch of the coordination and humanitarian headquarters for employees and their families. Consequently, March was not as confusing and stressful for us as it would have been if we hadn’t prepared in advance,” said Anastasiia. 

The first thing Trionika faced was the fear of employees for their relatives in hot spots. That’s why the company’s HR team worked 24/7 to coordinate all relocations, to provide financial and humanitarian assistance to those who were left in trouble due to relocation, destruction of their homes, or the loss of a loved one. In March the company employed a psychologist to work with the employees, because even when they were safe, it was impossible to work calmly due to psychological fear and increased anxiety. This decision contributed greatly to the well-being of the company’s staff. Anastasiia Liashko adds: “Our employees inspire me, because despite power outages, air alerts lasting for 5 hours, as well as communication failures, they find safe places to work and continue to do their job, which greatly helps our business not only to stay afloat, but also to develop!»  

However, the war brought changes to the company’s activities: one of the business areas – FinTech – suffered significantly due to accounts receivable, partners did not fulfill contractual obligations, referring to force majeure. But Trionika fulfilled its duties in such difficult times and continues to do so, because the company values its own long-standing reputation! As a result, the business had to quickly change strategies, partners, expansion markets and move to a smaller office. Since the main value of Trionika is people, the changes did not apply to salaries, life insurance and working conditions. “Now the situation has improved a lot,” the company’s CEO assures, “we feel confident again, we are expanding our team with cool experts. And I also learned that my employees have superpowers to work in such stressful conditions and show incredible results.”

Today, for those who are looking for a new job, or are already working, it is very important that the company not only provides excellent working conditions, has a friendly team, but also conducts active charitable activities. Anastasiia is very proud that more than 7 years ago her company founded the Charity Foundation “Dopomogator” (formerly “Pomogator”), which has always helped those who needed it most. This year, all the foundation’s efforts are aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defence Forces and hospitals. Over the past six months, the team has purchased and transferred more than 10 million hryvnias to the front, and this greatly motivates employees to work better to help more Ukrainians!

As it turned out, the crisis is a driving force that helps companies to reborn. Therefore, there is hope that after the victory, Ukrainian business and Ukrainians in general will only become stronger and more progressive!

Trionika is an IT company that generates and monetizes Internet traffic, and also creates and develops products in EdTech and FinTech areas.