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Alexandra Botyuk: Business as an Instrument of Life Perfection

Alexandra Botyuk: Business as an Instrument of Life Perfection

Alexandra Botyuk is a real estate in Toronto, Ontario but sees her current occupation as another step to her ‘ideal’ future. After the arrival to Canada, Alexandra Botyuk was not sure about her new ‘beginning,’ but she knew that the decision to move should provide new benefits. Having a clear image of it, she makes it closer by making small steps and being thankful for every moment because ‘life’ does not pass by us till the retirement but exists here and now. 

How did you become a real estate? Is this what you want to do in life or are there any directions in which you wish to develop in the future?

In comparison to other Ukrainians who move to Canada, I did not have a problem with the diploma accreditation. Shortly after the arrival, I was offered a job in a Ukrainian credit agency that allowed me to find a sort of stability in Toronto. Nevertheless, I felt that this was only a good start. But I’m thankful that everything turned out like this because I got time to consider my passion.

How did you realize what your passion is?

One of my friends sent me an Exel table with a test that should evaluate my personality, strength, and weaknesses. I found that I definitely want to do something connected to sales because it does not limit the income; therefore, the financial situation depends on how motivated a person is to invest in it.

After that I worked in the sphere of marketing as a sales manager, I met a woman who was fond of developing small businesses. We tried some initiative together, for example, roofs for doors and windows, so I learned that I want to sell a product for multiple use. I set a goal to create a network of customers with whom I can work for a long time.

 And how did you get into real estate?

Toronto is one of the cities that have a constant problem with housing. With time prices get higher so that I earned money from the housing transactions. I see this as one of the ways to make for living in Canada if you don’t know how to start your own business. Therefore, I help people to do this. But real estate is a really tough job because you have to learn how to survive in different conditions. Sometimes you have a lot of money while sometimes you have to wait for it. You cannot be sure in the future, and you have to work the entire time because of calls. Thus, when I can, I save money to buy property and offer it for rent. I hope that in the future my ownership will bring me enough so that I don’t have to work.


 So how do you see your ‘perfect’ life?

It will be pretty much the same because I find much time to adore it now. After reading the book of Marie Kondo The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I changed my life completely. I threw away all unnecessary stuff, divorced after 22 years of marriage, and surrounded myself with things that make me happy. As a result, I begin every morning with a cup of coffee adoring the state of affairs, and I wish that every person finds him or herself in similar conditions because this is everything one can dream about.